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Thank You

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I just wanted to say thank you, to all the people who have recently started following my blog.  Although I have no clue who half of you are, I still want to thank you.  Anyway, since my last post, another friend of mine, (William) has created a blog.  So, here’s it is-Will’s Wicked Blog.  So far he’s posted a lot of interesting stuff about his family, friends, fave drinks, cousins, the beach, his fave places to be…Whew!  That’s a mouthful!

So, a lot of my friends have started blogging, so I’m going to list all the blogs I love that my friends run.


Cole writes about movies, games, books and does lots of reviews in general.

Sobia writes about a large variety of things (I think), but I don’t really know since she’s only made like 3 posts.  Either way, she writes about her cat.  MoMo.  King MoMo.

I’ve known Hannah for a long time, and she posts about a ton of stuff. She puts up a lot of inspirational quotes, and other friendly things.

Jade posts photos, drawings, word posts, all different kinds of things.  Definitely check it out.

This is made by my friend, who doesn’t like to use his name.  Duh.  But he posts really interesting stuff.  You should totally check it out.

Sorry if I forgot anybody!

I love these blogs!  Such diversity!

My two friends did this video, and it’s pretty neat. They say they are going to do more of them, so lets see!

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#12  Appreciation


#11  Generosity 


#10  Fun


#9   Humor


#8   Animal Joy


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#15:  Unconditional Love

#14: Coolness




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#20: Joy

#19: Doggy Love

#18:  Kitty Love

#17: Animal Love

#16:  Meditational Goodness of the heart.